About PassCard

PassCard” Covid-19
Immunity Card.

PassCard is a simple, durable “Proof of Immunity” you can use for travel, work, school, or sport. Laboratory determined antibody immunity is required to receive a PassCard. Test your immunity today to make sure your vaccine was effective.

Step 1: Register

Register as a new patient or Login as an existing patient.

Step 2: Order Tests

Log in to your Patient Portal and click “New Test”.
Select “Covid-19 Antibody Test”.
Print order and go.

Step 3: Get Results

Results will be uploaded to your portal. If positive for antibodies, PassCard will arrive in a couple weeks.

Covid-19 PassCard is a simple, durable form of Covid-19 Immunity documentation you can easily carry with you. It may come in handy when traveling, boarding cruises, entering dining establishments, or enjoying in person events.

As always, please confirm your local, state, and government regulations and applicable travel requirements.

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