Stop paying too much for medical laboratories. GoodLabz is a comprehensive laboratory that helps both individuals and businesses save money. As a US MedClinic Company, GoodLabz is a “Direct-Pay” Lab. If you are a company with nursing / provider staff, contact the clinic, as the Coronavirus kits can be shipped worldwide; however, they need to be returned overnight, on-ice to the lab. Instructions will be included on proper swabbing technique. If you live in the Atlanta region, or West-Ga, we are setting up “Med-Podz” locations at local US MedClinic locations to allow swabbing and medical evaluations and treatment. You are wasting your money if you do not have symptoms of the virus and test yourself. PLEASE SAVE TESTS for symptomatic individuals or asymptomatic contacts of infected individuals.

SIMPLE, EASY, CORONAVIRUS TESTING: (pricing changing weekly as labs becoming efficient)

$150 for the Test (3-7 days turnaround depending on lab) PLUS $50 Nursing or $80 Provider evaluation charge (Clinic locations only)

The Federal Government is in the process of setting up FREE testing, please visit a local drive through facility or you can get on our mailing list to receive a FREE test once they release funds to pay for them. (Our contract labs are competing for pricing, but time to result will likely increase as the testing becomes more widespread)

-Dr. Harris.

Note: Should you choose to be tested at the clinic then payment will be taken upon completion of the test. IF YOU DECIDE TO HAVE A FORMAL EVALUATION, OFFICE VISIT CHARGE AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY. (FLU TESTING, MEDICATIONS, ETC.)